Micho delights at Bucs response

Orlando Pirates

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The Buccaneers had gone six games without a win in all competitions before they thrashed Usuthu 4-1 at Orlando Stadium on Saturday evening.

“Living on the philosophy; when it’s bad do not give up and when it’s good do not fly. We’re aware that on Wednesday we were on the opposite - the losing side,” Sredojevic told SuperSport TV.

“It was a good medicine in preparation for this match because we believe we don’t have a footballing problem but a mental problem. After the setback on Wednesday, today we answered well from the start. However, against the run of play due to one turnover we got punished,” he continued.

“We didn’t lose our heads, we answered with a quick equaliser and two more goals that have in any way set the tone.

“In the second half we thought we should not defend by defending because when you defend against a team that is attacking like the opponent, we want to defend by possessing. However, sub-consciously, we dropped back and still allowed the opponent some turnover. When you’re leading 3-1 you’re supposed to counter, not the opponent to counter you on turnovers. The fourth goal put the game beyond any doubt.

“It’s a good motivation keeping in mind that since Chippa [game] we have not won. It’s a boost of morale we’re looking to use in our upcoming matches. It’s one small step and many more to come.”

The Serbian went on to explain that his players had a “mental problem” before Saturday night's emphatic win.

“We have come close to our players and have seen that their faces are talking thousands stories. They were not happy. They are proud to carry the badge of this jersey, they want to win. We wanted to take pressure away from them. I need give credit to the technical team. This is result is a reward for the investment we have made in preparation during the week for this game," he added.

“It’s important to look yourself in the mirror and after the setback on Wednesday, we all went to the Gods and ask what wrong are we doing to get back the spiritual power. The most important was to unlock the legs of our players and give them the freedom of expression, get the performance and give us results."