Faso probe - Players boycotted call-up

The Stallions were soundly defeated 3-0 by their hosts at Ellis Park earlier this month and Duarte immediately put the blame on Safa, accusing them of underhand tactics in a chaotic build-up to the game, which saw them train with only 10 players the day before the match at Ellis Park.   "There were problems… the problems that we faced were that of planning and organization. The game was organised by Safa and not the Burkina Faso Football Association. Due to that poor planning I only had 50 percent of the players and probably that was a strategy by Safa," Duatre said.   However, an investigation by the Burkinabe media now reveals that more than half the squad called up by Duarte boycotted the coach.   "Some of those [the players] we contacted emphasised that their defection was because the game was to be played during the week and because of the lengthy 12-hour flight to South Africa.    "For athletes who must play for their clubs at the weekend [Saturday or Sunday], they argued that their coaches would not release them for this meeting."   The Burkina Faso report says that an added problem was that five players who were called in as last-minute substitutes, Gouo Issa, Nii Adamah Plange, Ishola Wassiyou, Ashante Solomon and Adama Sakande, only arrived on the morning of the match because of visa problems, which meant that that Duarte only had 16 players, including two goalies, for selection.   The Burkinabe media also poses the question of whether the lure of the R500 000 paid to their Football Association was worth the disgrace to a country ranked fourth in Africa.   "It was a team unworthy to represent our football," the report adds.