Shange let go by Eagles

Shange joined Eagles in January on a contract running up to the end of June and claims he had been given the impression that he will be offered an extension when he left the club’s base at the end of last season.

“I was only informed on Monday as I was preparing to go back to Pietermaritzburg that the club will not be giving me a new contract,” Shange tells

“Having been told so late that I am no longer needed it means I am now back to square one. It could have been better if the club had informed from the day we closed for off season that they will not be keeping me.

"The mistake I made was to give the club the benefit of doubt by throwing my loyalty in their direction thinking that by giving them first option they will keep me. All the same I am grateful for the opportunity that they gave me since I arrived at the club in January because I was able to get a run and get back to the feel of competitive football again after the end of my time with Chippa."

The 32 year-old was only used off the bench through all of his time at Eagles but with Kosta Papic – the coach who signed him – no longer at the club it was expected that his chances of staying would be slim.

Shange hasn’t had the best of luck over the last two years with an injury picked up while at Chippa leading to his departure from the club at the end of the 2015/16 season.