De Haan accepts new job


De Haan will be tasked with make the country more competitive to strengthen its bid to join Fifa.   He has been given a one-year contract. Tuvalu is an island nation halfway between Australia and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean whose existence is being threatened by the rising ocean levels and global warming.   It has a population of just over 11,000 and its 11 islands make up a total of only 26 square kilometers. Tuvalu is not a Fifa member but did participate in the 2010 World Cup qualifying at the South Pacific Island Games.   De Haan is to help develop the game there. “I’m going to try in one year to get things going and if it works then another Dutch coach will take over from me,” he said.   “I think it will be a great project,” he added.   De Haan has already committed to helping the Dutch Football Association as a part-time coach, traveling around clubs in Holland to advise them on their coaching structures.   He said last week he would also return to advise Ajax Cape Town too.   The in-demand De Haan is also having talks with his old Dutch club SC Hereenveen about becoming a consultant to them as well.