OFFICIAL: Leal given the boot

News reported earlier today that Leal and the team were likely to part ways today.   The Brazilian was suspended on March 12 after he said "he could not see his way forward" and offered the chairman "to do what is right for the club", which in turn prompted the club to "embark on a fact finding investigation".   Pirates boss Khoza revealed over the weekend that the investigators were to report back to the board today and the club would then “peruse the report, apply our minds to it and arrive at a decision that will be the best for the club.”   Now that Leal’s departure has been confirmed, the Brazilian has “requested that the details of the investigation not be disclosed as they were not tested in a hearing. The Orlando Pirates Football Club Board of Directors (“the Board”) has accepted the parting of ways with the Head Coach which is with immediate effect.   "The Board concurs that the statements collected as part of the investigation remain allegations as they were not tested in cross examination… The Board wishes the coach success in his future endeavours.”   Leal was appointed nine months ago on June 22, after signing a three-year deal with the club.   Follow me on Twitter @TTM16