Mikel: I owe Nigerians


Mikel's father Michael Obi was kidnapped and held hostage for nearly two weeks. The incident sparked nationwide outrage and a man-hunt that led to the kidnappers being apprehended in Kano.   Mikel says he learnt a valuable lesson from the experience and deeply appreciates the outpouring of support.   "I just want to say I really appreciate what Nigerians have done for me and for my family.   "I am really really grateful and I feel I owe Nigeria a lot for what they have done for me," Mikel said.   The midfielder was overwhelmed by how well Nigerians rallied to his side and says it has given him a fresh perspective.   "Sometimes in some situations you don't know people that love you. But when things happen, you know those that really care and love you.   "This situation really taught me a lot, I felt that Nigerians were really concerned and I dont have words to thank them enough.   "But what I can say is that it has taught me that no matter what, Nigerians really love me.   "I love my country and will always do my best, and anytime I am fit and ready, I will always come down and play. That is why I have been in this camp for two days now. I was one of the first to come here and I will do my best all the time because this green jersey means a lot to me."