Masutha: Maccabi still on track to survive


The National First Division side have not won a single game in their last five matches.

"No, for now I can say we are getting there, the way I see it the players are trying and I still believe we'll turn the corner because the mandate is to survive the axe," Masutha tells

"We haven't lost away, we've played like three league games, two draws and one loss, and then one Nedbank which was not even a priority so I can say we haven't lost. We played two draws and got beaten at home by Ajax [Cape Town] but the attitude is right and I feel that it's just a matter of time for us to get that win and then we will be in a much, much better position.

"There's no point in doing that [pressing the panic button], because this is not a mini-league, for now we are fighting for survival and yes we haven't opened up a gap between us and the team below us and fortunately we've still got to play them.

"So we are going to play [Real] Kings away and again after Kings we are going away... so it's three away games and we're also going to play teams that are in the bottom half of the log. So it gives us an opportunity. Yes we don't want to lose, but at the same time if we win here and there we will be okay.

"But the boys are coping and showing good signs and it's just a matter of time before we hammer someone, and people will be shocked when we beat someone by a heavy score.

"We are still on track [on our survival mandate] and we can't panic, we are still happy whatever is happening. Yes you can't win when you can't score but you know what's happening on the field, it shows we are almost there.

"Right from day one we spoke about survival, and we are still speaking the same language, and even when the team got promoted what they [management] said was they just want to see the team surviving, even before the league started, and they haven't changed that so it shows that there are people who always believe in what they are saying and they know what needs to be done.

"You know, once you start talking about winning the league and this and that, you will be like you are undermining the other clubs. You need to get your priorities right, and if something happens... like if you get promoted... that will be a bonus."