Queiroz: Asia and Africa left behind

Queiroz coached South Africa between 2000 and 2002 and helped them qualify for the 2002 FIFA World Cup before his fallout with SAFA led to his exit prior to the tournament.

Since then, Bafana Bafana have had 17 different coaching changes, while Queiroz went on to coach at Manchester United, Real Madrid and Portugal while qualifying Iran for two consecutive World Cups in his latest managerial stint.

Despite his relative success with the plucky Asian side over the past seven years, the Portuguese coach is concerned over the ever-widening gulf in class between European football.

"Two years ago I said European football has taken off far away from other the other countries and continents," he told reporters, as quoted by AS.

"Other continents are struggling. Only the nations that have the opportunity to bring players to Europe have a chance to be closer. For Asia the gap is higher, for Africa, the gap is higher

"There are some teams like Morocco or Senegal we say are African teams, but they're not African teams. They're African players playing in Europe, so all the players who benefit from being in Europe can help national teams, but my opinion, having been in the game 37 years, it is clear

"Four years ago the gap between Asia and Africa was big, eight years ago it was big and it's still growing, World Cup after World Cup if the rules don’t change," he added.

"The development plans for Asia and Africa cannot be exactly the same as for Europe.

"You cannot ask Iran to prepare a World Cup [qualifying] game in four days with the same rules as Germany, Brazil, and Portugal, it makes no sense."