Alves suffers another setback


Alves has had an injury ravaged stay at Moroka Swallows starting just 12 games in the two years that he has been at the club.   His latest injury is a torn ligament on his left knee which comes nine months after he had surgery on his right knee for a torn meniscus.   "This is sad," says a disappointed Alves.   "If there is one person who has had things not going his way because of injuries then it is me. It feels like I am haunted. I have had way too much bad luck and I think it is time that I also get to have good luckā€¦   "I really need the luck this time. I want to keep my job and the only way to do that is if I am playing which is not happening because of the injuries that I keep suffering," Alves tells   "Last season I had a different injury, which is also different to the one that I had in my first season. Right now I am attending physiotherapy to strengthen my muscles and praying that I don't get injured again. I am not even being kicked by anyone when picking up all these injuries," he adds.   The 22 year-old is the only surviving Brazilian at Swallows of the four that were brought to the club two years ago. The other three, Davi Rancan, Vinicius da Silva and Elton Morelato have all been released.