CAN failure won't cost Stevanovic his job


The Serbian coach signed a deal as Ghana boss last year that is renewable after the Nations Cup based on the performance of the side.   The Ghana Football Association has made it clear the clear objective is Nations Cup success and say they expect him to achieve that. But GFA president Kwesi Nyantekyie says it is not cast in iron that Stevanovic will lose his job if he does not lead Ghana to that glory.   "It's not a clear cut situation but we are all hoping to win so it does not become an issue at all," he told    "It is very clear that the Nations Cup is our objective. But at the end of the day if you are appraising a staff and the person has not met the targets then the reason for not achieving the obvjective are not his then you could compromise. But if the blame can be layed at his doorstep then there is no compromise."   Nyantekyie says he has great confidence in the ability of Stevanovic from what he has seen of him so far.    "I have no doubt at all about his competences and capabilities. He has discharged himself creditably since he has been in charge. In all the assignments that he has undertaken has convinced us he is the right man for the job. He is very offensive minded. Both him and Rajevac are tacticians but while Rajevac was defensive minded, this coach has been offensive minded which suits us.    “He has good control over the team and players, he tries to instill disciplines, team work and proper work ethic and that for every team is hugely important."