Equatorial Guinea withdraw from Cosafa Cup

The loss of the Central African side reduced the field to 13 teams and means Group A will be contested by three sides – Namibia, Mauritius and Seychelles.

The Equatorial Guinea Football Association have cited a lack of funds for their withdrawal at the 11th hour, having themselves been a replacement for East African guests Tanzania.

“We are obviously disappointed with the fact that Equatorial Guinea have withdrawn because they would have added a lot to the event,” chairman of the organising committee Timothy Shongwe says.

“It was too late to call in another replacement, so we have cut Group A to three teams which will no doubt make the pool even more competitive, with every match vital.”

The Cosafa Cup, Southern Africa’s showpiece regional championship, returns after an absence of three years, with Zimbabwe looking to defend the title they won on home soil in 2009.

The tournament starts on July 6, with the final to be played on July 20 in Lusaka.

Cosafa Cup Zambia 2013
Group A Group B
A1 Namibia B1 Kenya
A2  B2 Botswana
A3 Mauritius B3 Lesotho
A4 Seychelles B4 Swaziland
Group round
6/7/13 Day 1 Nambia vs Mauritius 2.30pm Nkoloma (Lusaka)
7/7/13 Day 2 Kenya vs Lesotho 3pm Arthur Davies (Kitwe)
Botswana vs Swaziland 5pm Arthur Davies (Kitwe)
8/7/13 Day 3 Namibia vs Seychelles 2.30pm Nkoloma (Lusaka)
9/7/13 Day 4 Lesotho vs Botswana 3pm Arthur Davies (Kitwe)
Kenya vs Swaziland  5pm Arthur Davies (Kitwe)
10/7/13 Day 5 Mauritius vs Seychelles 3pm Nkana (Kitwe)
11/7/13 Day 6 Kenya vs Botswana  3pm Nkana (Kitwe)
Lesotho vs Swaziland 3pm Nkoloma (Lusaka)

Teams with a bye to the Knock-out round:
Zambia **, South Africa **, Angola **, Zimbabwe **, Mozambique & Malawi
(** Seeded)
13/07/13 Day 9 QF 1 Zimbabwe vs Malawi 1pm Nkoloma (Lusaka)
QF 2 South Africa vs Group A winner 3.30pm Nkoloma (Lusaka)
14/07/13 Day 10 QF 3 Angola vs Group B winner 1pm Nkana (Kitwe)
QF 4  Zambia vs Mozambique 3.30pm Nkana (Kitwe)
15/07/13 Day 11 Rest day
Plate section
16/07/13 Day 12 Loser QF 1 vs Loser QF 3 3pm Arthur Davies (Kitwe)
Loser QF 2 vs Loser QF 4 5pm Arthur Davies (Kitwe)
17/07/13 Day 13 Win. QF 1 vs Win. QF 3 5pm Levy Mwanawasa (Ndola)
Win. QF 2 vs Win. QF 4 8pm Levy Mwanawasa (Ndola)
18/07/13 Day 14 Win. Plate 1 vs Win. SF2 3pm
Win. Plate 2 vs Win. SF1 5pm Nkana (Kitwe)
19/07/13 Day 15 Rest day
20/07/13 Day 16 Loser SF 1 vs Loser SF 2 1pm Levy Mwanawasa (Ndola)
  Win. SF 1 vs Win. SF 2 3om Levy Mwanawasa (Ndola)