CR7 on inheriting Cuadrado #7 shirt

Cuadrado, 30, admitted he was happy to give up his number for the incoming club-record signing last month.

The Colombia international claimed 'sometimes it's better to give than receive' as the 'CR7' brand was allowed to continue with the Serie A champions.

While Ronaldo remained silent about the incident, he's finally opened up about how surprisingly easy the process was - given the circumstances at his previous club's where he remained patient in order for a player to vacate the club.

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"Of course, it's my favourite number," he told Juventus TV. "I spoke to the club in the beginning and of course I spoke to Cuadrado because he was number seven.

"And he said to me, it was not a problem, it would be a pleasure for me to give you my number seven, my shirt, so it was good.

"I'm surprised for the good way because the club helped me, of course also Cuadrado because he accepted it very well, so I'm really glad to continue with my number seven."