Mahoota mulls next move

The 36-year-old's contract with Chippa expires at the end of June and no negotiations have taken place over a possible extension. 

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"My contract is ending on the 31st of June," Mashego tells

"But I haven't made a decision on what I'm gonna do and what the club's position is. 

"I think we will revisit that when the contract ends. I think now it's off-season and all that but we are coming back just before the end of June, so we should know by then what's gonna happen." 

The former Orlando Pirates hitman says he wouldn't know if there is other interest in his services as such matters are handled by his agent. 

"I wouldn't know because there are my people who deal with that. I always had an agent who deals with stuff like that. So I wouldn't know until something concrete comes up or something, and I haven't spoken to my agent.

"I'm on holiday now so I just switched off from football a little bit to focus on my studies and other things. 

"Football is football but I still haven't decided whether I want to play again or not you know. But I want to take a little bit of time out to reflect and speak to the right people and then see what's gonna happen. It's not a decision that I can just make nje you know. It's not about sucking my thumb and coming up with a decision like that. I mean there's a lot of people that I need to liase with and engage with." 

The law student says at this stage it is difficult for him to say how many seasons are left in his legs. 

"I wouldn't know. I wish someone asked me that question when I was 22 and I would have said 10, but now I'm 36 so I don't know. Manje at this age I think we shouldn't be reckless and be unrealistic and say three, four more seasons, no. But however I feel about football should be the determining factor of how long I'm gonna play, because now at this age there's lots of things that you need to consider. 

"I have been studying for a while now. I have been studying for my law degree. I should graduate soon, I wouldn't know [when he is going to graduate] because us soccer players, while we always make time for study we can't study as much as people who are always in class, who study full-time. 

"So some modules you take half you know, others you do while you have time ... I don't know but it can be two years or a year now before I should graduate. I'm doing this part-time so it's a bit difficult because I don't have the experience of being inside a class and interacting like other law students. So after my degree I would see what I want to do.

"I always started games though, I never had a cameo role. I think I started the last two, three games so it's not a matter of me being older or anything, but I just think it is the coach's preference of the football he wants to play. I think the direction the team wants to take ... whether I start or I come off the bench or whatever, I don't think that should be the determining factor in whatever decision, you know."