PSL club transfer ban to continue


The transfer ban on Bloemfontein Celtic will kick into effect in the next registration period after their failure to settle the R3 million that they owe their former goalkeeper Patrick Tignyemb.

FIFA have already issued a two-window transfer ban on Celtic after Tignyemb won his unpaid dues case which he took to the world governing body following his ugly departure from the club in 2018.

The Cameroon goalkeeper had been with Celtic for 11 years when circumstances forced him to leave.

Celtic have in recent times claimed they have an agreement to make payment in four instalments, two of which they have already made.

"A long time ago Celtic came up with a proposal for payment in instalments and we rejected it outright because if we agreed to that and they default we cannot go back to FIFA. So, they have not made any payment and if they had FIFA expects them to send proof of payment. I can tell you that they haven’t paid a dime and the interest keeps piling up every day," Tignyemb’s legal representative Johnny Precious Ogbah tells

Ogbah is the head of Sports Law (Africa) at Activity Chambers based in Nigeria. 

"If they claim they have been making payments they better look for these accounts because it is definitely not Patrick’s account. We sent them Patrick’s account in Cameroon because he is no longer in South Africa. Previously, we sent them the South African account when he was still in South Africa and then as soon as he left, we wrote to them warning them not to use the South African account anymore and gave them an account in Cameroon. They cannot make that silly mistake of using the South African account because we advised them in advance. As of two to three weeks they wrote saying they are working on it and if they have made payment then they should have proof of payment.

"They (Celtic) are lying, and they know it because they risk even putting the FA (SAFA) in trouble because if the federation (SAFA) doesn’t implement this transfer ban then they risk being banned. If they don’t pay every penny then they will not be able to make any transfer signings. The dates by which they were meant to have paid this money have passed hence the transfer ban becoming effective in the next window. Bottom line is that we don’t have any payment agreement with them," details Ogbah.

The directive from FIFA on the transfer ban is already with SAFA.

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