'We knew we could come back'


READ: Celtic hold winless Chiefs

Goals from Menzi Masuku and Ndumiso Mabena in the final 15 minutes of the second half helped Celtic secure a 2-2 draw with the Soweto giants on Wednesday evening.

“It was a good match for both sides. First half we were looking to come out after regaining possession, within 28 minutes we had three chances if I’m not mistaken,” Komphela told SuperSport TV.

“You gotta take those when you’re playing away against a team like Chiefs. Also in the second when we were 2-0 down we knew we could still come back. We started to manipulate the structure. One of the problems we had in the first half was to control the half spaces where [Dumisani] Zuma and Khotso Malope dropped in.

"The wing back would get the ball and find the diagonal pass. It forced our wide players to collapse and forcing our two central midfielders to screen across,” the erudite coach explained.

“As soon as we planted three [midfielders] across then it got better. It got quiet, we managed to play and got the first goal. In football 2-0 is no guarantee, 2-1 [its] game on. Even towards the end there were stages where we won the ball on top of the box. You gotta come out.

“You gotta stay compact, don’t stretch. One benefit of our defenders is that [Alfred] Ndengane is never found wanting wide, neither is [Lorenzo] Gordinho. Any central defence pairing that gets stretched there’s a big threat. Any elastic thing that you stretch will break."