Amajimbos discover COSAFA opponents

Molefi Ntseki's national U-17 team have been paired with their neighbours in Group B alongside defending champions Zambia and Mozambique.

Group A contains the hosts Mauritius, Botswana, 2016 champions Namibia and Seychelles, while Group C comprises Zimbabwe, Angola, Malawi and Swaziland.

The three group winners and best-placed runner-up, determined first by the number of points obtained, advance from the group stages to the semi-finals.

The winner of the tournament will qualify for the continental finals in Tanzania next year, which will serve as a qualifier for the FIFA Under-17 World Cup in Peru.

Matches will be played at the Auguste Vollaire Stadium in Flacq and St Francois Xavier Stadium in the Mauritian capital of Port Louis.



*Kick-off is South African time (Mauritius is 2 hours ahead of South Africa)


19 JulyM01 Namibia vs Seychelles                08h00 – St Francois Xavier

19 JulyM02 Zambia vs Mozambique             10h30 – St Francois Xavier

19 JulyM03 Mauritius vs Botswana               13h30 – St Francois Xavier

20 JulyM04 Angola vs Malawi                       08h00 – Auguste Vollaire

20 JulyM05 Swaziland vs Zimbabwe             10h30 – Auguste Vollaire

20 July M06 Lesotho vs South Africa             13h30 – Auguste Vollaire

21 JulyM07 Botswana vs Seychelles             10h00 – St Francois Xavier

21 JulyM08 Mauritius vs Namibia                 13h00 – St Francois Xavier

22 July M09 Mozambique vs South Africa    10h00 – Auguste Vollaire

22 JulyM10 Zambia vs Lesotho                      13h00 – Auguste Vollaire

23 JulyM11 Malawi vs Zimbabwe                 10h00 – St Francois Xavier

23 JulyM12 Angola vs Swaziland                  13h00 – St Francois Xavier

24 JulyM13 Namibia vs Botswana                10h00 – Auguste Vollaire

24 JulyM14 Seychelles vs Mauritius              10h00 – St Francois Xavier

24 JulyM15 Lesotho vs Mozambique            13h00 – Auguste Vollaire

24 July M16 South Africa vs Zambia             13h00 – St Francois Xavier

25 JulyM17 Swaziland vs Malawi                  13h30 – Auguste Vollaire

25 JulyM18 Zimbabwe vs Angola                  13h30 – St Francois Xavier 


27 JulyM19 Win Grp B vs Best Loser             10h30 – St Francois Xavier

27 JulyM20 Win Grp A vs Win Grp C             13h30 – St Francois Xavier


29 JulyM21 Loser M19 vs Loser M20            09h00 – St Francois Xavier


29 JulyM22 Win M19 vs Win M20                13h00 – St Francois Xavier