'The Ronaldo-Messi rivalry is over'

Ronaldo and Messi's dominance within the UEFA Champions League and LaLiga over the past decade has made for compelling viewing with endless debates over who the greatest player of all time may be.

Having represented the Real Madrid and Barca respectively, their rivalry within the El Classico remained one of the greatest sporting events globally.

As two of the finest goalscorers to ever play the game, Valverde dismisses the notion that Ronaldo's move to Serie A champions Juventus could see the rivalry escalate to a new level.

"Ronaldo's departure signals the end of the competition that has always existed between Messi and Cristiano because until now, it's been impossible not to speak about one without mentioning the other," he told Revista Barca, the club's season ticket holders' magazine.

"People are a bit expectant as to what will happen now - I am too, I'm particularly interested in seeing how it will affect Madrid's game and how Madrid will react in this transfer window.

"On top of that, it will also be interesting to see how Ronaldo gets on in another club and what impact he will have in the Italian league and the Champions League."