Celtic case being swept under the rug?

Nedbank Cup

Bloemfontein Celtic will kick-off the Nedbank Cup semi-finals next week yet a DRC case said to be threatening the club's place in the last four is still under investigation.

ABC Motsepe League side BTM Sports, formerly Witbank Spurs, have remained steadfast for months that their case against Celtic can be won.

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The case, sitting with proscutor Nande Becker and the PSL Dispute Resolution Chanber, concerns the alleged improper registration of defender Aviwe Nyamende.

BTM Sports boss Freddy Mapulane insists Celtic should lose their cup place after fielding Nyamende in the competition while he was under contract with Spurs.

Last week Becker told this website that as far as he was concerned the matter was closed, but now appears to have changed his tune.

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"He [Becker] has sent me an email asking me to send me relevant documents regarding the case," Mapulane tells KickOff.com.

"But now I saw in the statement you published... because if it's closed which document is he looking for? Or maybe he was frightened by the letter [from the club lawyers] that next week's [Nedbank Cup semi-final] game won't take place. Do you get me?

"Because the last time we spoke to him he said to me he will give us a court date, 'Because of the lockdown they are going to close the office, after they open we would have a date and sit down.'

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"But now if he says this thing is finished, he made me very angry. I asked him one thing, 'Why are you looking for documents but you said the issue is finished, it has been dealt with, it's an old story? We want you to tell us how we dealt with it, what we agreed on.'

"His answer was, 'No, please send me the transfer documents, I don't have them anymore, so that I can see if I can push it.' I said, 'No, it's no longer in my hands now, you will see how you deal with it, with people like you who know the law.'

"So we will see. I told you it's far from over. We will hear from him. Because now it looks like we are lying to the people you see."

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Becker was asked if he has contacted Mapulane and asked for documents, and if he thought the matter could prevent the Nedbank Cup semis from taking place next week.

"I'm looking into the matter," said the experienced prosecutor. "No [it won't affect the semis]."

Asked again if by that he meant they will be able to solve the case before next weekend, Becker was unable to provide answer.

"I'm unable to comment as the matter is under investigation."

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