Makhaula begs for Molangoane's forgiveness

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The two players were involved in a 50/50 challenge that resulted in Molangoane having to leave the field on a stretcher at FNB Stadium.

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Makhaula says he has been trying to get hold of Molangoane since Saturday so he can ask for forgiveness about the unfortunate incident, which left the speedy winger with a fractured ankle that might sideline him for the rest of the season.

"Ja, it was a bad incident man, eish," Makhaula tells

"I didn't do it, I didn't do it on purpose. I just hope he also understands that I didn't do it on purpose. Each and every day I'm thinking about what happened at the field. I haven't got an opportunity to speak to him since I don't have his numbers. I looked for his numbers. [Daniel] Cardoso promised me he will phone their office so they can give him the numbers. I also asked my manager to send me Cardoso's numbers so I could call him, so I have been waiting since then. Not long ago I did call my manager asking him to get Cardoso's number for me. I spoke to [Hendrik] Eksteen, I spoke to a couple of players. What they told me is that he likes changing his cellphone number. He doesn't keep the same numbers for too long."

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Makhaula, who has not watched a repeat of the match on TV, ran through the incident at this website's request.

"He came to me with open studs you understand? While I came with open feet you see. So I didn't go there to tackle 50/50 as I was scared because the foot that I was putting in was the one I had an operation on. So I don't know what happened, I kicked the ball away ... (sounding emotional) but when people tell me they say I was focusing on him you understand? So... (sighing) eish! Angazi Grootman what really happened. I only found out when I went to him that he is broken. (sounding emotional again) So I don't know if maybe I fell on top of him ... I don't understand, serious.

"I didn't watch it because at the moment I'm home, and they are not using a Explora (DStv PVR decoder). So where I'm staying in Free State I have a Explora so I will get a chance to watch it a bit ... but I'm scared. I'm not someone who is used to watching such things you see. So I'm a bit scared."

Ea Lla Koto play their next match on Sunday at AmaZulu's King Goodwill Zwelithini Stadium. Even though Saturday's incident will still be fresh in Makhaula's mind, he says he is ready to play again.

"I still have that willingness to take to the field again even though I'm still scared. I'm still scared because this is the first time such a thing is happening to me. It was not my intention to do this. I'm still shocked but I'm ready to play in our next game ... but I will be scared for a while to go into 50/50 tackles.

"If it was possible bengizoya nakuye esibhedlela right now to ask for his forgiveness, ngifike ngithi 'ngicela ungixolele ngento eyenzekile' you see. Even now I would like to use this platform to tell him that, 'Joseph you know what mfethu, I would like to apologise for what happened. It was not my purpose for it to happen. I thought it was a 50/50 to the ball understand.

"I would like to ask for forgiveness from the bottom of my heart, I don't know what I can do to show that I apologise big time, please forgive me straight. (emotional again) That's what I can say, I beg for his forgiveness, I didn't do it on purpose. As I'm speaking I'm looking for his numbers, I would like him to read this wherever he is. But if I can get his numbers at least to call him or send at least a message so he can know that I'm sorry. You know Grootman, from Saturday I couldn't sleep, thinking about him. It might happen I have just ruined someone's career you understand.

"But the referee [Victor Gomes] did come to me understand? And told me, 'mfethu you are right, not in the wrong because I was giving him a card because he is the one who came to you forcefully, he is the one who was going to injure you.' So I don't know what he was meaning by saying that you see. I was in possession of the ball I can put it like that you see. But that is not the case, the case is someone is injured and I have to apologise ... It's a must that I apologise because I was involved, and he ended up getting injured. But ngiyaxolisa kakhulu straight."

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