Mhango shocked by head-butt

Dube viciously head-butted Mhango, flooring the Malawian forward, in the later stages of the MTN8 quarter-final between Wits and Golden Arrows.

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It was an ugly episode of gross misconduct by Dube which calls for the authorities to hand him a sterner punishment than the mere two-game ban that accompanies a red card.

“Firstly, I know Dube as we played together during the six months that I spent at Arrows and I am actually shocked why he did that to me,” Mhango tells

“You also need to be aware that during a game a lot of things happen and people’s blood is always running very fast. Some become emotional while others have a bit of a temper.

“All I did was just ask him why he fell when I didn’t even foul him. As I confronted him he just came uttering the f-word in an aggressive way and telling me that he will mess me up and before I knew it I was down. His choice of reaction really surprised me. I don’t think he really had to react that way."

Efforts made by this website to get hold of Dube proved unsuccessful.