Mosimane talks squad efficiency

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Mosimane says it’s better to work with a manageable squad, rather than having a lot of players that will grow tired of not getting regular football. In past seasons Sundowns have loaned out or sold players they know are unlikely to see action. They’ve also been able to use some of their players to do swap deals with PSL rivals.

“I’ve dealt with the issues of numbers. Everybody says Sundowns has a lot of players. We are less. At this point in time we have about 24 or 25. And it’s good if it’s like that because you can manage it,” Mosimane says.

“The challenge is to have people playing in different positions. That’s why I like players who can play in more than one position. If you have 32 [players], then they become unhappy – the camp, the mood. You don’t have a remedy for that. When you have a lot of players it’s not good.

“And how do you train them if you have 40 players? You’d need three pitches to achieve the physical demands. Sometimes you have to play a full game, that’s 20, plus two goalkeepers. What about the others? It also means you must have more coaches.”

Mosimane also admits that changing a solid starting line-up is not easy.

“When you change the team, sometimes it becomes a different team. It’s not as effective as [the regular team]. When [Lionel] Messi is on the pitch for Barcelona, they have a good chance to win. When [Cristiano] Ronaldo is on the pitch, his team has more chance to win. It’s not the same, so that’s the challenge.”