Another death hits Nigerian football

Irekperu, 23, died in his sleep at his club's camp while some of his team mates were away to Port Harcourt for a League fixture.

Zamfara United General Manager Shehu Gusau told that the player had visited the Federal Medical Centre earlier in the day where he was treated for malaria but died soon after "He came back from church on Sunday morning and complained that he was not feeling well.

"Our team doctor had travelled to Port Harcourt with the rest of the team, so he went to the Federal Medical Centre, where he was seen and given a prescription for malaria.

"He came back, took his medication and lay down, but never woke up," Gusua said. "I had never even met him before as he has not played any game for us."

Irekperu, according to Gusau is half brother to former Super Eagles goalkeeper Ike Shorunmu .

"I didn’t even know until Ike called me as they were making arrangements for his burial."

Irekperu was taken to Lagos on Monday morning and buried later that day according to Islamic rites.