Owner: Why I picked 'arrogant' coach's team

GladAfrica Championship

Tshakhuma Tsha Madzhivhandila chairman Lawrence Mulaudzi has explained why he had to interfere with former coach Erol Akbay's team line-up.

Dutch coach Akbay resigned from the GladAfrica Championship club on Tuesday citing interference from the club owner.

Akbay is the second coach to leave TTM in just 53 days after former Orlando Pirates assistant coach Moma Medic was fired back in September.

Mulaudzi has now explained his side of the story and claims Akbay defied orders by not getting his last team line-up approved by management before going to the game.

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"Before we hired him [Akbay] I sat down with him and explained what really happened with the previous coach [Medic], and what it is that we need, how do we operate, so that if the coach doesn't agree, we don't even start entering into a contract with him," Mulaudzi tells KickOff.com.

"I said to him in our one-on-one discussion, we don't want to always pass each other and have surprises at the soccer match with regards to the line-ups and the players and so forth. How we operate is that you coach you deal with the players with the technical team, and on Thursday you choose your first 18 that you want to travel with to the game.

"And also you can put the first 11 that you'd like to play on the day of the game. And then, before you go to the players, before you announce the players, as the technical team or the management we'll need you to tell us who's in the 18, who's in the first 11. And how is he going to approach the game the strategy and so forth.

"And if there are players we think are performing well or we've got concerns, questions, we need to ask you questions on Thursday. To say why player X is not on the first 18, or what is the progress with that player, etc.

"He needed to explain to us, to say no I'm changing him because this is my strategy for this game. Like for instance we'll ask why are you playing a player that we've a got a medical report that he mustn't play because he's injured? That is the culture, this is how we do it. And we do that to avoid interference. And he agreed to that.

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"We don't want a situation where the team is playing then there's interference from the technical team or the management. He agreed to that. That's how we operate as TTM.

"So what then happened last week when we were going to the game, he normally sends the assistant coach to go and announce it. He put his 18, he was supposed to send it to the management but what he has done he put his first 18 and first 11 and gave it to the assistant coach to go and announce to the players.

"And the assistant coach said 'no no no coach, did we explain? Have you sent the 18 to the management?' Then the coach said 'no no no, this is my final 18, this is my final 11... I don't want to hear anything'. After announcing the players, he sent the 18 and the first 11 to the technical team or the management. And the CEO raised concern.

"He said, 'Hawu! Since when are things are done like this? What has changed?' So the problem started there. As management we noticed that no, he has changed the winning team. The previous two games that we played we played very well, we played against JDR we won, we played against Royal Eagles we won 3-1.

"Then the CEO asked to say no, how do you change a winning team? There was a player that was changed. He normally plays as a defensive midfielder, his name is [Ndabayithethwa] Ndlondlo, he's nicknamed Baby. He said, 'Why is Baby not there as a defensive midfielder? He is not even in the 18, what happened? Is he injured? What's going on?'


"The coach then said 'no no no, I just took him out, this is my 18 as it is'. He was arrogant. Then we realised that no, he's at loggerheads with that player Ndlondlo. The player explained to the CEO that when they were at training the coach was playing 11 vs 11. But he was playing him as a right-winger at training. The player said no I'm not a right winger, my position is a defensive midfielder or attacking midfielder.

"He decided to punish the player by cutting him off. And normally when a coach has got issues with the player, the coach must report it to the technical team or the management to say I've got a problem with this player. And that's the player who is very instrumental in the team. He is one of the best players in the team who controls the defensive midfield.

"The team travelled from Limpopo on Friday morning to Mpumalanga, and the player left Gauteng and joined the team at the camp in Mpumalanga, of which it was discussed with the coach before the team travelled, and the coach said no it's fine.

"But of course he was not happy. And then when he saw the player there, I think the coach got agitated or angry at the decision that was taken. And then he said he was resigning on Monday. Reason? He said no no no interference. I don't know what happened, I just saw the coach kicking things on the bench, and he walked out of the bench. On Monday I heard the CEO say the coach has resigned.

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"Remember for every win in our team we give our technical team like R100 000 per win, every game, to share [with the 18 players], every weekend if they've won the game. For the coach out of that hundred he gets like R7 500 and the rest is for the players.

"He won two and lost one. Now he's asking for his bonus, which is R15 000 for these two games. And he's asking us to buy him a ticket to go back home. The CEO is still dealing with the issue of his traveling arrangements, and maybe the pro rata salary because he can't get full three months."

Despite everything that has happened at TTM, they are still in fifth place on the GladAfrica Championship log with 15 points from 10 matches.