Six-month bans: 'Deal with the cause'

GladAfrica Championship

TS Sporting chairman Slungu Thobela says the PSL can only curb the recent behaviour from players and coaches towards referees by first identifying its root.

The League has banned the GladAfrica Championship side's general manager Vusi Ntimane for six months, with three months suspended, after he was found guilty of misconduct in abusing, harassing and throwing the contents of an energy drink bottle at match official Akho Ndzingo.

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"Unfortunately there's little that I can do, so we'll actually have to accept it," Thobela tells

"When you deal with a problem, the only time we will be able to deal with the problem is when we deal with the cause.

"So I think Mr Ntimane is an effect to the cause. I think the powers that be need to investigate what is the cause because in a problem you've got a cause and effect.

"The behaviour of Mr Ntimane I don't condone it but I think it's an effect of a particular cause. What is the cause? Because we will always experience these things because of this poor officiating.

"Today it is Mr Ntimane of TS Sporting, tomorrow it will be somebody else. Until the Premier Soccer League stands up and deals with the issue, because it's been a problem in the country.

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"I'm not condoning whatever has happened, I told him as well that even though we know football is a game of emotions, that is not how you deal with problems. Especially in my team, I don't condone such behaviour.

"But sometimes we need to go deeper and say, but what is the real cost of the problem? Because the fact that people react in a particular manner, they are reacting to a particular cause and that is an effect, and until we deal with the cause, we cannot deal with the problem.

"I don't want to comment on the issue of the incident, what might have been the cause, but what I know is that the very same referee started to insult Mr Ntimane and then he reacted to the insult you know.

"So the reason why Mr Ntimane pleaded guilty is because I said to him, that is not how you deal with a problem... if a person has wronged you, you don't have to do a wrong thing as well. So for that you don't have to challenge the matter.

"Unfortunately the sentence was harsh but we are prepared to accept it and move on with life."

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Thobela believes the former Cape Town City media officer has been punished enough, so there won't be any action taken against him by the club.

"I think he has been dealt with, there's no way I can deal with him again because if I deal with him again that will be double punishment. So he has been punished by the PSL, then there's no punishment from our side. He has already suffered so he cannot be punished twice for one offence."

Thobela was asked what role was Ntimane was going to play at the club now that he has been banned.

"No no no, Mr Ntimane remains part of our team, but we cannot have him in official matters in the coming three months, but after three months Mr Ntimane will continue to be our general manager.

"That's because I thought as well that I have to deal with him decisively or release him from the team, but I'm saying what is the cause you know? Sometimes these things will happen you know, some people handle problems differently.

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"But I still feel that he could have handled it differently. We are going to give him the necessary support, because during these difficult and trying times he actually needs our support you know."

TS Sporting were also found guilty and fined R200 000, of which R150 000 was suspended for a period of 24 months.