NFD players unpaid: 'I had to hitchhike!'

GladAfrica Championship

Players in the NFD are still suffering as their issues of unpaid salaries continue with no sign of quick assistance from the PSL.

Some Royal Eagles players have threatened not to return to Durban if the club fails to pay their outstanding salaries.

Eagles have been hogging the headlines for the wrong reasons in recent months owing to a number of cases related to unpaid salaries for their players.

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According to the South African Football Players' Union (SAFPU), a number of cases have been reported to the PSL Dispute Resolution Chamber in the hope of forcing the GladAfrica Championship side to honour contracts.

Some Eagles players have confirmed they are still owed accomodation reimbursements they paid for themselves since leaving Durban after the lockdown.

"I have been paying my own accomodation since I arrived here in Durban. I have to rely on my family to pay rent because I have not been getting my salary from the club," one of the players who wants to remain anonymous tells

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"I have not been paid my rent for the past two months since I am here at home and I am not sure what's happening with my stuff at the flat now because I don't have money, even going back to Durban."

Another player reveals that he had to hitchhike on his way back home after State President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the lockdown back in March.

"I didn't even have money to go back home after the country went into lockdown. I had to hitchhike to get back home!" he says.

"The club has not said anything about our salaries and we have reported the matter to the Players' Union. We are still waiting for their update."

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SAFPU deputy general secretary Calvin Motloung confirms that the Royal Eagles matter regarding outstanding salaries is still with the PSL.

"To be honest we are tired of talking about the issue of Royal Eagles. The matter is with the PSL DRC," Motloung says.

Eagles CEO Morgan Mammila says the club has no comment regarding the issue of outstanding salaries.

Several teams in the second tier were already struggling financially before football was suspended and are in even worse shape now, with other clubs also failing to pay players.

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