Sinky reveals special help from Khoza

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New Royal AM CEO Sinky Mnisi has revealed what made him give up the fight to stop the sale of Highlands Park to TS Galaxy.

Mnisi is moving on with the club formerly known as Real Kings after a lengthy battle to keep the Lions of the North's status and has revealed that PSL chairman Irvin Khoza had to intervene for him to allow the deal to go through.

"No, the issue of Highlands Park, I'm done with it, I won't give out figures of the amount I got from that deal," Mnisi told the media at his unveiling at Royal AM.

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"To tell you something that no one knows in the media, without my signature the deal wouldn't have gone through. I ended up being called by the PSL chairman Dr Irvin Khoza.

"To sort out the issue of Highlands Park was very hard, it had other repercussions and they wouldn't have succeeded without that signature.

"I had to agree after I spoke with Dr Khoza, then they gave me what I needed to get, which I can't mention but it was good [laughs] but I was quite happy."

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Mnisi says he had offers to join other clubs including TS Galaxy but did not want to join them because of what happened during negotiations for the buying of Highlands Park.

"I had offers from the NFD and top-flight, one of those was those who bought Highlands Park but I refused. I come from Mpumalanga and was born there. I rejected the offer because of some certain reasons," he revealed.

"It wouldn't have been a good idea for me to go there, and I looked at the structure of Royal AM and I don't know why they couldn't promote this team. They have good infrastructure. We will definitely get promotion."

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With the PSL yet to confirm the sale of Real Kings, Mnisi insisted the League has approved the deal and the GladAfrica Championship must be ready for them this season.

"Yes, the deal has been approved and the chairman [Andile Mpisane] will send my name to the PSL tomorrow [as the club's CEO]. We are now Royal AM and other teams should brace themselves for war."

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