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60% salary cuts: 'The boss is lying!'

GladAfrica Championship

Real Kings players are understood to be fuming about the way the club management has slashed their salaries by a reported 60 percent.

The suspension of football due to the coronavirus has brought many financial losses, and as a result teams all over the world are introducing salary cuts to avert a cash crisis.

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While most teams are reducing their staff and players' monthly salaries by 20 to 50 percent, Kings are alleged to be taking 60 percent.

"Is PSL not paying a grant?" an insider at the GladAfrica Championship club asks KickOff.com.

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"Whereby now teams are busy cutting players salaries by a margin percentage is just insane. Now it looks like it's our fault.

"Ours have been cut by 60 percent, and they tell us a day before pay day. I mean where's the professionalism in that?"

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According to the source, they only received messages about the 60 percent reduction in their pay cheques on Wednesday.

The message sent to the players reads as follows :

Dear Players, Technical and Management
As we had mentioned to all of us that due to coronacirus which has resulted in lockdown in the country and suspension of all sporting events including ourselves that is the league matches. Management in consultation with club President, salaries will be 60 percent shorter than normal until things are back to normal.
Kind regards
James Dlamini
General Manager
Real Kings FC

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Asked about the claims, general manager James Dlamini told this website: "Yes, we said it was going to be 60 percent but we ended up taking only 30.

"In our case it's not only players, even the staff, it's everybody who is employed here, me included.

"It's the owners who know their own pockets, us as managers we don't know how deep our bosses' pockets are but to pay our salaries they always add their own R800 000 every month.

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"So I think us not working has affected their income a bit, but it's not the 60 we originally told the players about, it is 30 percent.

"We didn't tell them a day before, it was a week before. If I remember very well, it was a week-and-a-half ago, it was not that far."

Informed by this website what Dlamini said, the source disagreed.

"He's lying! Every player is complaining now in the group."

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