City 'pity' Royal AM in Sekhukhune saga

GladAfrica Championship

Polokwane City have explained the story from their perspective as the controversial three-points saga that will decide the PSL promotion race plays out.

Rise & Shine were found guilty of breaking the GladAfrica Championships's under-23 rules against Sekhukhune back in January in a match they won 1-0.

As a result an arbitration ruling awarded Sekhukhune three points and moved them top of the GladAfrica Championship table, ahead of Royal AM on goal difference.

However, the PSL released a statement on Friday indicating that they will contest the award after another special Exco meeting, with the final day fixtures scheduled for Sunday set to go ahead as planned.

Polokwane official Tincy Tema has since explained what happened and says they were forced by circumstances beyond their control.

"What happened on the day in question when we were playing Sekhukhune on the 2nd of January this year, it's something that was beyond our control, it could have happened to any club," Tema tells

"Three of our under-23 players tested positive for Covid-19, and then we were left with four. We had seven players and three of them tested positive, and then we were left with four, there was nothing we could do, that's why we had to play the game with four under-23 players.

"So it's not something I would say we regret because it was not of our making. So in this case I feel pity for Royal AM, they've worked hard to be where they are. Sekhukhune also worked hard, but unfortunately there's this game they played under protest. So the ruling came out in favour of Sekhukhune so there's nothing we can do except to say hard luck to Royal AM.

"In my opinion it's not right [for Sekhukhune to be awarded the points] because we played the game. We tried our best to speak to the PSL, unfortunately the rules did not cater for a Covid case. There's no rule that says if a player tests positive the game must be postponed. There's no such.

"Unfortunately we had to be the victim of that. But perhaps it's a learning experience for PSL. Hopefully they will look at it and correct it. Because I don't think it's going to happen to Polokwane City only."

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