Masango tops Tlou, Myeni in scam poll

GladAfrica Championship

TS Galaxy owner Tim Sukazi is the latest victim of a scam targeting local football, with Mandla Masango proving popular in the scam artist's poll.

A Facebook account has been opened in the name of the qualified lawyer where 'he discusses the club matters' with supporters.

On Thursday the impostor asked his followers who they think he should sign between Masango, Tlou Segolela and Sifiso Myeni to come and help the club.

Masango got the most votes as the followers begged their fake chairman to get them the former Kaizer Chiefs star, who is currently sitting at home clubless.

"It's a scam, my friend. I don't have a Facebook account and never had one," Sukazi confirms

Galaxy head coach Dan Malesela was also shocked by the news.

"Huh? What are you saying? I have never seen those people, it's been a long, long time. We never even discussed them, nothing," he adds.

"No... Sifiso Myeni, Tlou Segolela and who? No no no, I don't know because if Tim does things like that he discuss it with me first.

"There is no way he can begin to say such things without my knowledge. It's very fake [the Facebook page]."