Jomo slams 'useless' Naicker's claims

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Jomo Sono has issued a cold-blooded response to his former goalkeeper Sherwyn Naicker's claims that he ruined his reputation.

Naicker was quoted by Sowetan accusing Sono and his son Bamuza of bad-mouthing him to clubs who wanted to sign him, claiming Sono told suitors that he used to sell games during his time at Jomo Cosmos.

The former Golden Arrows goalie is reported to have quit the game and now works as a sales executive at a water supplying company in Johannesburg.

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"No, it's a non-starter that thing, how do you respond to an unknown?" Sono tells

"Now that people have forgotten about him he wants to rise at Cosmos' expense? He is a non-starter. To be famous he talks the nonsense he said.

"And still I really don't understand. When he left Cosmos, it's been three to four years since he left, he went on to play for Milano the whole season. They played against us, we beat them 1-0 and he was the one in goals.

"He then went to sign with Arrows. He never played even a single game in the first team. They sent him to MDC... if I had bad-mouthed him, how did he get to sign with Milano? How did he sign with Arrows? Because Steve [Komphela] is my friend and Mato [Madlala] is my friend. So how come they signed him?

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"Now because he failed at Arrows, he couldn't play one game, he wants to blame us saying we've bad-mouthed him. If we've talked bad about you then there shouldn't be even a single team that signed you after you left us.

"All of a sudden now he realised that he is useless, and Arrows realised that he is useless, he decides to provoke us now? He is using us as a scapegoat for his failures.

"He failed... Arrows realised he is a bad keeper, Milano saw he's a bad keeper, it's not my fault. He played for me, it's fine, other games he cost me, it's fine, but he got game-time. After we were relegated he went wherever.

"People have forgotten about him now because there's nothing he did for anybody. For Cosmos he did nothing, for Milano he did nothing, it's even worse at Arrows because he didn't play even one game. So is it my fault that he became a bad goalkeeper overnight?

"It's desperation, shame. If he had 'balls' he would have said 'Jomo is bad-mouthing me, I will prove him wrong'. He should have proved me wrong then if that's the case."

Sono is threatening to take legal action against the 29-year-old for saying the player used to throw games while at Ezenkosi.

"I don't know anything about that. He must bring proof of that. I think he will get a lawyer's letter soon, to prove that nonsense," Sono adds.

"But shame, I feel sorry for him. I mean he used to stand at the gate of our training ground, he was an unknown begging me for a job. I felt sorry for him after he stood at our gate for two days.

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"I used to ask myself, 'That Indian standing in our gate?' I even asked around in the team and they said, 'No, he is looking for you, he says he is a goalkeeper.' I even joked and said, 'The last time I saw an Indian goalkeeper was during Deshi Bhaktawer's days, he can come in and train.'

"He trained and we signed him. The only thing I remember about him is the game against SuperSport where we lost by five goals. And the Arrows game where the ball slipped under his feet.

"So now he wants to get famous at my expense? I mean not long ago, about a month ago, he was asking Cosmos players to talk to me for him as he wants to come back... the same person.

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"I'm very surprised now that he talks lies. He's just a liar. But well, what do you expect?"

When contacted for his side of the story, Naicker was abrupt and threatened to block this website from contacting him.

"I have nothing else to say," he said. "Stop bothering me!"