Jomo opens case against Mulenga

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The soap opera between Jomo Cosmos owner Jomo Sono and his former player Clifford Mulenga is refusing to die.

The former Chipolopolo international says he has been paid all the money that was owed to him by Ezenkosi.

In 2018 Mulenga claimed to be owed five months' salaries from the National First Division club, and even took the matter to FIFA.

"The Cosmos case is done and dusted, FIFA ruled in my favour and I was paid out," Mulenga tells

"Only thing I'm struggling to get now is clearance. For the past year-and-a-half, Jomo has refused to give me my clearance. It's what I'm looking to get now.

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"I won't tell you the amount but it happened in March. We haven't yet issued an official statement because this thing was resolved right when the coronavirus was coming and the lockdown happened."

Mulenga says he has put the money to good use.

"I haven't spent it yet, only used some of it to finish off my mom's rental property here in Zambia and started a livestock business as well," he reveals.

"I think players have to stand their ground and fight for their rights. It's not only about the money but also your rights and dignity to be treated with respect by your employees.

"I also learnt that it's very important for players to read through your contract and understand it, and have a copy of the original.

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"Players should keep copies of payslips or records of their salaries and monies paid to them. Most clubs get away paying half salaries and players can't claim their money because they don't have proof."

Contacted for comment, Sono said he knew nothing about paying the player and instead informed this website that he has opened a case with the police against Mulenga.

"I don't know, I don't know. I don't know anything about that. All I know is that we have a pending case against the forgery of these contracts. His contract with us. He forged the contract," the Cosmos owner says.

"So we are waiting for the corona to pass, then we will take the matter up. I don't want to say much because it's still sub judice. It's with the police now you see."

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Meanwhile, the South African Football Players' Union agrees with Mulenga.

"But how so? How can that [a case against Mulenga] be possible? Because he paid the player. He paid the money that he was supposed to pay. FIFA gave him the order, and they told him that there will be sanctions if he doesn't pay the player, and he paid.

"That can't be true [that Jomo knows nothing about paying Mulenga]. Jomo paid, he paid Clifford what was due. As to how much it is, please talk to the player."

Informed that Sono has opened a case for him, Mulenga replied: "Oh really? I know nothing about that case. So he's also suing FIFA, who ruled in my favour?

"I still have a copy of my contract. I will be waiting for the court case. He should also include FIFA in the lawsuit."

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