Comitis on the Cape Town Spurs name

GladAfrica Championship

Cape Town City chairman John Comitis has explained how Ari Efstathiou ended up with the Cape Town Spurs name.

Following Ajax Amsterdam's decision to end their partnership with Ajax Cape Town, the GladAfrica Championship outfit changed its name to Cape Town Spurs.

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"Ja Cape Town Spurs, we owned it together," Comitis tells

"You know when we did the Ajax deal Cape Town Spurs remained in the name of the company. We had a company called Cape Town Stars which was actually operating as Cape Town Spurs. That company was involved in the shares with Ajax. The name still belonged to Cape Town Stars.

"I mean me and my brother we sold and left, they kept the Cape Town Stars company, they bought the shares from us. So we left they bought our shares and they kept it. So the name Cape Town Spurs belongs to that company. Like Seven Stars belongs to Rob Moore's company.

"They bought us out [the Efstathious], me and my brother George left. The company that we had shares in was Cape Town Stars. So me and my brother had shares there, and we sold it to the Efstathiou brothers. They bought our shares, so they still own Cape Town Stars which had the name Cape Town Spurs. So when we changed the name to Ajax, that's fine, we operated with Ajax with the new company we created Ajax Cape Town.

"Shareholders at Ajax Cape Town were 49 percent Cape Town Stars and 51 percent Amsterdam. So Amsterdam now bailed out, sold their 51 to the Efstathious and took their name away. So the Efstathious used the company Cape Town Stars and bought the rest of the shares of Ajax of Cape Town.

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"There were two options. You either call it Cape Town Spurs, but then you should be keeping far away from anything that resembles Ajax because you are not Ajax anymore. And to me I was surprised that they got rid of the eagle [in the new logo]. The soul of the spur is an eagle. A spur is an eagle. And you must understand you've got die-hard Cape Town Spurs fans out there and they don't want to see anything related to Urban Warriors and Ajax."

When asked what he thought of the new Cape Town Spurs emblem, Comitis adds: "To me it's like holding onto history that doesn't exist anymore.

"The real history is Cape Town Spurs, they should embrace that. That was my opinion but what do I know? I'm not a marketing person."