Gauteng conclusion unfair to Ajax?

GladAfrica Championship

Ajax Cape Town official Thabiso 'Shoes' Mekuto admits that playing all their remaining fixtures in Gauteng will force them to re-strategise.

Both Ajax and their closest rivals Swallows FC are left with six games to finish the season as they chase the prize of automatic Premiership promotion.

But with the GladAfrica Championship set to finish in a bio-bubble in Gauteng, it means The Dube Birds will play all their remaining games in their home province.

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Coastal team Ajax are currently on top of the log table with 48 points, while Swallows are on 41, followed closely by KwaZulu-Natal side Uthongathi FC on 40.

"It's completely complicated, as you say, but the bottom line is we are in a new normal," Mekuto tells

"New normal means you will never get everything the way you usually do. And if you want to be a sportive person, you are not going to spoil what has been hard to put together by talking about home advantage and away advantage as whatever the case might be.

"In reality we are not high-altitude teams. Cape Town teams struggle in high altitudes, that's the reality. But under these conditions or under the situation we are in you'd rather reserve all those comments and be South Africans and try to complete.

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"We are just happy to complete the league. I'm not going to come in and say we know how to play, no, our record shows. But it is what it is.

"Well number one, you plan when you know what's happening. You can't plan when you don't know what's happening. I mean we are all assuming this is what will happen but we don't know for sure.

"It would have been nice if every team had a complete, conclusive report that says this is where you are playing, this is what's going to happen. Right now we are all assuming, we don't have anything formal as a club that says 'you are in the bubble in Joburg from this day to this day'. That we don't have.

"As a person that's close to the technical team, I don't remember us planning anything that says, 'We are in Joburg.' And I don't think we have any advantage anywhere even if someone says we must plan, because we don't even know if we are in Joburg. Are we in Joburg on Pretoria side or are we in Joburg as in Johannesburg?

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"What if you plan Joburg and you end up playing in Pretoria? Someone comes in and throws us in some hotel that we don't know, that we've never been in, and that we don't prefer. Already the spirits are down. We are not given that advantage of being able to plan properly."

Mekuto says The Urban Warriors' record in Gauteng this season has been 50/50.

"We played Swallows, we lost 3-2. Then Cosmos we won. We played Tuks and we won. We haven't played JDR away. So in Joburg it's fifty-fifty. Durban is 100 percent record. Ja, if it was Durban we would have been smiling because we won all our games there."