Ncikazi: 'Why do Africans do this to other Africans'

CAF Confederation Cup

Co-coach Mandla Ncikazi has slammed the hostile reception his side faced in Tanzania questioning "why Africans treat other Africans this way" following a defeat to Simba SC in the CAF Confederation Cup

Simba struck in the 68th minute from the penalty spot in the quarter-final clash at the Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium on Sunday.

The goal proved decisive as the home side clinched a narrow first-leg advantage.

Speaking after the final whistle, Ncikazi lambasted the treatment the Buccaneers faced in Tanzania ahead of Sunday's match.

"I don't think we deserved to lose," Ncikazi said post-match.

"As Africans let's change this mentality when teams come to Tanzania you are so hostile to them that you treat them like animals.

"So inhuman, everywhere we go, you are treated so badly and this is a game of sport that should unite us.

"But what you get here is hostility and abuse. Secondly, the rules said VAR should be in use but VAR was not used today.

"Go and check, the penalty that Simba got was not a penalty, because our defender got to the ball first.

"Secondly, before Simba were awarded a penalty, we should have been awarded a penalty but it was not given.

"The referee does not even have the decency to go and check VAR. All of a sudden VAR was switched off."

Ncikazi then went on to hit out and the culture on the African continent of teams being mistreated when travelling as an away team by the host.

"But why do Africans do this to other Africans," a furious Ncikazi added.

"Do you really think the hostility we get here, then when Simba come to South Africa should we treat them that way?

"Is that what you expect?

"All of you here [media] are going to write lies, write the truth that Simba did not deserve to win. The penalty they got was not a penalty. The penalty we should have got was not given.

"VAR was not working, the treatment that we are getting from the stadium, hotel and airport, why do you do this as Africans to other Africans.

"Are we going to improve the football on our continent if this happens and you are proud that Simba won?

"They did not win, the referee made them win. You should be ashamed of yourself as Africans.

"But listen to this, we are going to treat Simba with decency when they come to South Africa. We are going to show what is being a true African.

"By giving them the best hospitality and treating them like human beings. You don't treat visitors the way we got treated here.

"You should all be ashamed. We did not deserve to lose, the ref cost us to lose."

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