Tsutsulupa: Celtic judgments are unfair

CAF Confederation Cup

Former Bloemfontein Celtic midfielder Lefa Tsutsulupa believes it is unfair for people to use the club's financial challenges to belittle or limit them in CAF competitions.

Siwelele have been facing financial challenges for almost three seasons now but that has not stopped them from competing in the PSL and doing well against all odds.

Celtic secured a 2-0 win over Maniema Union in DR Congo on Sunday and still have the MTN8 final to look forward to against Orlando Pirates next month.

There has been talk suggesting that playing in the CAF Confederation Cup is not going to help the club as the tournament demands heavy expenses for travel and accommodation costs.

But Tsutsulupa believes it is unfair to impose this thinking on the team and believes progression in Africa and winning the MTN8 would make a huge difference to Siwelele.

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"It's a remake in 2020, so the MTN8 has obviously given Bloemfontein Celtic a platform to change their financial situation at the club and it's now up to them to do well and get that money," Tsutsulupa tells KickOff.com.

"For people who say they are not fit enough to go to the CAF Confederation Cup and so forth because of challenges, I think it's unfair on the team and I think there's a reason for them to be there."

Tsutsulupa says being in continental competition and doing well is not only good for Celtic but also for South African football, and urges the nation to support all their endeavours.

"They got a proper qualification, they are going there with a clear mandate to compete and for South African football to grow they need to take this competition seriously," he says.

"So let's try to help where it's possible and for me I would like to see Bloemfontein Celtic win and fulfil their obligations."

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