Khan shares advice for Mashiane

CAF Champions League

Former Kaizer Chiefs development coach Farouk Khan has issued some words of advice to Happy Mashiane and all youth coaches in the country.

The 23-year-old was red carded for a bad tackle on Akram Tawfik at the end of the first half in the CAF Champions League final last Saturday, forcing Chiefs to play the rest of the match with 10 men.

Amakhosi fell apart in the second half as Pitso Mosimane's Al Ahly went on to score three goals to secure their 10th Champions League title.

When asked how can such mistakes be curbed, Khan tells, “By ensuring that when you have these boys in the Academy you continue development properly.

"It all starts when these boys start out at youth level. If you make winning competitions your main focus these boys will become aggressive players that makes unnecessary fouls.

"If you look at the foul that was made on the weekend, it was unnecessary. The (Al Ahly) player was in his own half in the building- up phase. What reason do you have to kick a player that far away from your goal?

"So those are things you teach from as young as eight, nine, 10-years-old you start conditioning players psychologically on how to deal with pressure, how to deal with situations when you find yourself on the field. There's a difference between tactical fouls and the foul we saw on the weekend.

"The foul we saw on the weekend was a leg breaking tackle. It was dangerous play, it was reckless, it was definitely a sending off. When Chiefs talk about reinventing themselves, bringing back the starts from the grassroots upwards. They have to have a clear vision of what they see as a way forward. When a child is young you teach him about fair play, you teach him not to injure opponents. Fouls will happen, but fouls will be like tagging, pulling but not fouls where you can cripple the opponent, where you can end the career of an opponent."

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