Danny on potentially hosting AFCON


The Confederation of African Football (CAF) sent out an SOS to South Africa to host next year’s edition after Cameroon were stripped of the rights to have the tournament held in their country last Friday, following an emergency committee meeting which was held in Accra, Ghana.

Jordaan says SAFA have sent CAF a letter saying they are interested in hosting the competition and will now wait on the continent’s governing body to tell them what is required, before they fully engage with the South African government on the matter.

CAF need to have confirmed a new host for the competition by December 31.

“That’s not an issue for us, because for any major event your major cost is infrastructure in stadiums, training venues, in roads, in airports and all of those things. Our stadiums hosted the World Cup. It’s the highest level of requirements for any event in the world and we delivered in 10 World Cup stadiums,” Jordaan said.

“Now we need six [stadiums], so we are not going to spend a penny. We are not going to put a brick there, everything is in place. There’s infrastructure costs and operational costs. Operational costs is something we need to discuss with CAF because CAF gets sponsorship revenue and they share with the organising committee, so that’s where we need to discuss.”

He added: “We submitted a letter to express interest and CAF must respond saying ‘these are the requirements’ and then we will respond. They said the decision will be taken before the end of December. I don’t want to disclose private and confidential discussions, but we have spoken to government. We cannot go to government and they ask us what are the requirements and we say we don’t have the requirements. So it’s step-by-step.” 

Jordaan says CAF wants to have a “plug-and-play” option and South Africa is right now the perfect plan B.

“Many people in CAF said now that they have to move away from Cameroon, they have to have a plug-and-play option. In other words everything must be in place; the stadium, the roads, the hotels, the airport, the broadcast infrastructure, the telecommunication. South Africa presents that so-called plug-and-play option.”