Payment issues for SA Futsal team

Chris Naidoo's charges beat competition hosts Mauritius 5-3 in the final in Port Louis after winning all of their round robin games.

"We won the Four Nations tournament in Mauritius and this happened in March," a player, who wishes to be anonymous, tells this website.

"And still today we have not been paid and ever since nothing from SAFA. I'm talking about something that is less that five grand for the whole trip. I'm extremely gutted because some of the guys actually left work on unpaid leave. Some of the guys left their families and they were breadwinners. Coming back as champions and nothing in return.

"So most of the guys are devastated and they're saying they don't want to represent the country ever again if this is going to continue. And this is not the first time. Even when we played in the national team in 2016 an article had to be posted and the very next week we got paid.

"I feel they don't take it seriously at all and it's like we are a joke to them. They don't consider us as part of national soccer. If you look at Neymar Jr, Kaka, Robinho, Ronaldinho, all these big names, they started playing indoor soccer and they branched off. I don't see why SAFA don't take it seriously.

"I don't understand why SAFA do this because they wait for the bad review and then they want to take action afterwards, instead of just paying. They promised us the world before we left. They made us sign our contracts to say that once we land in SA we would be paid, and now it's been four months and we are still waiting.

"Every time when we tried to get hold of a manager there's always a story." contacted SAFA head of communications Dominic Chimhavi who directed this website to SAFA Indoor League president Ibrahim Hossen for comment. However, Hossen says the matter falls under the remit of SAFA's head office.

"From my knowledge not all have been paid, but I can't confirm that. The only people who can confirm is the SAFA national office," says.

"You must speak to Barney Kujane. The thing is, the team comes from our league. We give the team to SAFA's head office and it is their responsibility for everything, that is our role.

"All I know there were some players who were paid in March and some in April, but as I said I don't know." put calls through to SAFA national teams manager Barney Kujane yesterday and today which went unanswered.

SAFA recently came under the spotlight for a delay in paying Banyana Banyana for winning the COSAFA Cup in September 2017.