Igesund explains Spain altercation


Bernard Parker scored the only goal as Bafana recorded arguably their best result ever, but the match was held up for a few minutes as Igesund argued with the opposition when they wanted to bring on a seventh substitution.

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Before the game it was decided that only six subs would be made, but Spain made a seventh after substitute keeper Victor Valdes hurt his knee and was replaced by Pepe Reina.

Igesund explains: “The referee or the fourth official came and asked me if they can put another player on. I said ‘Look, I'm not the referee and we need to follow the rules’.

“It was an official game and they needed to speak to the referee. We were told in the meeting before the game started that the maximum was six changes. This is an international friendly match – I don't think the rules needed to be changed.

“I never said they must not put the players on; the referee must do so because they gave us the rules.”