'Useless' SAFA traumatised Downs legend


A Mamelodi Sundowns and Bafana Bafana legend has revealed how the top brass at SAFA killed his passion for the national team.

Sundowns' legendary goalkeeper Mark Anderson was the first ever player to keep goals for the national team, but says the greediness of the Association's bosses has made it difficult for him to follow Bafana Bafana anymore.

Instead he chooses to concentrate on the career of his son Mark Anderson Jnr, who plays as a goalkeeper at Cape Town City.

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Anderson was asked for his thoughts on the two Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers Molefi Ntseki's side played against Ghana and Sudan.

"I'll be honest, I would not know what to say, I have lost total interest in the national team." he admits to KickOff.com.

"I find the leadership useless and nothing ever improves with them. I honesty can't remember [when was the last time I watched them play], SAFA have just made it boring with their lame excuses for decades. Our soccer leadership in this country is useless, if I can put it mildly.

"I'm not going to get started, I've had enough trauma from them when I was a player, 20 years later I've recovered from that so I don't want to comment further on them, it's a waste of energy.

"Clubs games I still watch as I have ex-teammates who are hanging around etcetera and my Markie boy is at City so that keeps my interest there.

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"It's not that I hate them, I've just got no interest in the leadership of our soccer. It's just boring, there is nothing else you know, it's not a whole story for me. I think anything in my life when I find people who aren't giving and are just taking then I tend to stay away from it.

"Ja it's not enjoyable anymore for me, so I'd rather just have to unfollow that. Money needs to be pumped into grassroots, it's as simple as that. Money needs to be distributed, you've got to distribute resources, it's got to be used properly.

"You've got to have proper people in place that are making sure the money is being used for our youth. That is the only way we will get our stuff right, but unfortunately generally in our country everybody is just taking at the moment.

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"I don't get involved in it anymore because it upsets me a little bit. Ja I just think the leadership needs some new blood, somebody that's interested in progressing South African soccer, not someone who is going to go there and carry on the trend of 'Okay well now I'm in a position, and we can just carry on doing what we've been doing since we got re-admitted'.

"Because nothing's changed since we got re-admitted you know. It's just the same old story, the same old people sitting in their positions you know, no one gets outvoted. For me it's a little bit sad.

"Ja I just feel the structures that are in place are not efficient, nothing is really happening in our football down from SAFA to grassroots level, I don't see anything happening.

"If there was really a part I could play, I would play it, but there's really no part I can play in our football and that's why I got out of it. I have always wanted things to be done properly since my playing days.

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"So my interest now is basically in my son that's at Cape Town City, I need to stay focused for him, hope that he advances. He is the number three goalkeeper, and he must take it from there and we'll see how far it goes."