A closer look at Bongani Sam's BMW


BMWs are a thing at the Orlando Pirates parking lot, and among those who arrive there with Beamers is Bongani Sam! Here's a closer look at his 2 series coupe!

Some background

While contrasting reports suggest that the 24-year-old switched his BMW 240i to a Citroen in 2021, we cannot confirm whether this is true as he continued to be seen in his German car even after these reports of a car change.

Scroll through the gallery above to get a closer look at Bongani Sam's BMW!

The German machine

Beamers have a big reputation as they are famed for a number of reasons, including performance, luxuriousness and ultimately their ultramodern premium cars equipped with the latest features and technologies.

While it seems like Sam has the 2018 edition, one can't argue against its visual prowess as it has a coupe body design and is finished with an alpine white paint colour. 

More detail

According to Auto Trader, some of its cool features include a multifunction steering wheel,  run-flat tyres, daytime driving lights, as well as rain sensors among other impressive specs.

Although it is an optional feature when it comes to this specific model, we imagine that the left-back also has the cruise control feature, which is a system that automatically controls the speed of a vehicle.

Did you know?

Sam made his breakthrough at Highlands Park before later impressing at Bloemfontein Celtic, where he was snapped up by the Bucs.

Your thoughts, please?

What do you think of Sam's ride?