Income Protecta Plan designed for you

Income protecta

Being unable to work and earn an income, even if it’s just temporarily – is a terrifying prospect, especially if you have a family who depend on you. Fortunately, we have come up with an affordable and efficient Income Protecta Plan just for you.

Let’s use Thulani a married 37-year-old man as an example. Thulani and his wife have three children aged 16, 12 and 7 and he is currently the only breadwinner in their family. On his way to work, Thulani was involved in a serious accident.

He fractured one of his legs and will have to spend 8 weeks in hospital, unable to work and he doesn’t have any more sick leave days available.

Fortunately, Thulani has a backup: a while ago he took out the Income Protecta plan from Infussion Financial Services for his salary of R30 000.00, a policy that protected his ability to earn a salary for the period that he is unable to go to work.

The Income Protecta then paid out 75% of his salary which amounted to R22 500.00 per month. If he didn’t have the Income Protecta, his family would have been without an income for weeks.

Example below for Illustration purposes only


Monthly salary


R 30 000,00

Average salary per week

Average 4 weeks per month

R 7 500,00

75% of weekly rate


R 5 625,00

Total Claimable weeks



(10 weeks minus 2 weeks excess period)

8 weeks claimable

R 45 000,00

Monthly Claim pay-out

4 weeks claimable

R 22 500,00

 Not only will the Income Protecta protect you for a loss of income due to an accident or illness for a period of up to 10 weeks but it also offers free accidental death benefit for the same amount as the Income Protecta Plan.

If the member is booked off for more than 10 days, the benefit is payable after a 10-day deductible period if you do not have any more sick leave available. Should the member have a portion of sick leave available, the benefit will pay out the remaining days less the excess period of 10 days.

To find out more about iNFUSSION’s Income Protecta – Send a “Please Call Me” to 071 163 5268 OR SMS the word “Ladu” to 45269 OR Scan the QR code in the image above.