Marques cites lack of concentration

Telkom Knockout

The Birds were hammered 3-0, and Marques concedes that the players made mistakes in crucial areas, agreeing with his chairman Leon Prins' sentiments on players not listening to instructions.

"He [Prins] is right … it's exactly what we're saying - it's a lack of concentration. We talk about the same thing week in, week out; my team talks are the same.

"It's a lot of things... we repeat the same things so the guys don't make the mistakes. But it happens, and it shouldn't happen. I can see why he [Prins] is upset, he listens to my team talk. We repeat, but it still happens.”|

Marques also explained why he opted for Sage Stephens ahead of Greg Etafia in goals, and says the three goals conceded were not keeping errors. 

"I just felt Greg [Etafia] needed a rest; it is a cup game and I think everyone deserves a chance to play," he says. "I think the goalkeeper did exceptionally well - you can't blame Sage for any of the goals.”