Prins slams Swallows players

Telkom Knockout

Swallows were outplayed by Gavin Hunt’s side at the Bidvest Stadium in Milpark on Friday evening, with goals from Jabulani Shongwe, Buhle Mkhwanazi and Vincent Pule sending The Dube Birds packing from the 2014 edition of the Knockout cup.

Prins stepped into defend coach Zeca Marques during a post-match interview and voiced his frustration at the players rather than the coach, stating that they are the ones who do not follow instructions.

“I want to say something, because I want to protect the coach; because I’m in the team talks,” said Prins.

“It’s not fair! The players are not listening to what we’ve told them to do. And I’m going to personally give them a blasting, and I want the coach to be there.

“It’s nonsense, because everyone will blame the coach but it’s bull-dust,” added Prins.

Clearly irritated by the team’s performance, Prins adds that his backing for Marques stands firm and that the coach is under no threat of losing his job at the club.

“The coach has done a perfect job. I’ve been in the team talks; I know exactly what has been said.

Players get told ‘don’t dribble in the last third’, they dribble in the last third – goal. Players get told ‘don’t let the man come from behind you at the corner and nod the ball in at the near-post – same story – it’s nonsense!

“It’s like if you tell a child five thousand times, ‘don’t touch the stove, it’s hot’, then it’s not the parents’ fault if [the child] burns his hand!”