‘Major’ content with bench role

Telkom Knockout

‘Major’ has got most of his game-time this season as a substitute, with Bucs coach Vladimir Vermezovic preferring to start with just the one striker.

Some of suggested that Majoro has grown frustrated with his situation at Pirates, but he dispels that in the latest KICK OFF Magazine (issue 450).

“People always create their own issues,” he says. “What people don’t understand about me is … you know, they think I give up easily or I become frustrated easily.

“It’s not like that … I can sit on the bench and watch someone play in my position. If he’s doing well I will never complain – ever! My problem is sitting on the bench when the guy playing is not doing well and I am not given an opportunity.

“Kermit has been doing well; even when he wasn’t scoring people never noticed that he was assisting. Kermit and I play a lot alike in terms of our style of play, and I understand that we can’t both play at the same time.

“There is going to come a time when Kermit will need a break because of fatigue and it will be my turn to step up, and it will keep like that throughout the season.”

Despite scoring only one goal in their last three games, Vermezovic said yesterday that he will persist with his approach of one striker

To read the full article with Majoro, where he also talks about his tiff with Bernard Parker and explains why you don’t joke with Siyabonga Sangweni, get issue 450, on shelves now!