English media slam 'pointless' Rakhale

Soweto Derby

Rakhale wowed the crowd towards the end of the game with Orlando Pirates leading 2-0, turning on the flair as the Buccaneers played out time.

But the English - hardly known for their skillful players - saw it differently and wrote the following in describing the action.

“The showboat is a very particular football skill. A proper showboat doesn’t just see a player perform a brilliant trick. It can only be a real showboat if said brilliant trick has no impact on the game.

“For a lesson in the art of this glorious pointlessness, check out the clip above, from Orlando Pirates' 2-0 win against Kaizer Chiefs in South Africa.

“With his side two goals up and the match in injury time, Pirates midfielder Thabo Rakhale thought he'd do some showing off. Have a look at the video and we're sure you will be delighted by his wonderfully pointless display of nonsense.”