Sporting line up ex-Amajita coach

The Mpumalanga-based club earned their spot in the NFD by reaching the final of the ABC Motsepe League play-offs last week.

Luvhengo, who is currently coaching third-tier side Pretoria Callies, has admitted to that he is in advanced talks with Sporting.

"(laughs) Who told you that? Hey KickOff eish," he said.

"Ja, no let's pray. Let's hope for the best. Ja, we are very close, very close. Me and the owner are very close, but then I have a job. I'm employed and I don't know what's gonna happen. I don't know if my employers are gonna be happy for me to leave you know. I'm working at Pretoria Callies and they are good people. They have ambitions and we are working very well together. At the moment they have not done anything to suggest that I might feel like leaving you understand? And I don't want the reason for me to leave that club to be money you understand? I don't want it to be about money you know what I mean?

"Ja, for sure, seriously speaking I'm long in this game and you don't want as a coach to be moving from wherever you are because you think the money is better on the other side. Because money doesn't define your career you know. It doesn't have to define your career. But I'm sure before the end of the week we will sit down and decide what happens you know. But I can't say anything more than what I have said I'm sorry (laughs)."

Asked if he would love to be coaching in the professional ranks again, Luvhengo said:

"Ja, it's tempting and I feel ... but it's a big decision for me to make, a very big decision for me to make. Thobela [Sporting owner Silungu] is a very good friend of mine. I would really love to support him and grow with him and all that, but on the other side my employers have been very good to me. I will decide, I will sit down with Thobela, see where we go and then I will sit down with my family and decide where do we go. Because it doesn't affect only myself, it affects my family as well you know."

Sporting manager Bheki Nkosi said a decision on the matter would only be reached next week.