Sporting deal with coaching uncertainty

On Monday the National First Division side announced that assistant coach Mfanimbela Maseko will guide the side on an interim basis as Benson Mhlongo has been absent since November 13.

Mhlongo was irked by the club's desire to see their new TD Troughton in the dugout on match-day.

However, the former Orlando Pirates assistant coach later insisted he is okay with working under Troughton, but wants some clarity on their respective roles.

Thobela says management is still deciding on the way forward.

"Ja, we cannot overrule that possibility but at this stage we have not decided you know," Thobela told

"If we come to that conclusion in that we need to get somebody, Sammy will be the first option."

Thobela went on to explain why Mhlongo is not with the team.

"Eish ja, in fact we requested him to work closely with the technical director because we realised ukuthi some of the decisions we take it's because of lack of experience in all of us, including myself.

"So we said maybe we needed a person who will work close with him in the form of technical director Mr Sammy Troughton. But we had advised him that he must sit with him on the bench. And then he said he was going to come back to us. He did not come back to us. What we learned is that he actually sent back the keys to his accommodation.

"Ja, he is still part of the team because he hasn't resigned. But we realised he was not satisfied with the decision we took of bringing the technical director closer to the bench. So far he is still part of the team as a head coach but chances of him coming back, I think they are zero. Yes, at the present moment he is not here with us but his position still remains.

"I think we will weigh our options you know. If he does not come back then we will weigh our options; whether it's important for us to look for a new coach or we can proceed with what we have now."