Mokwena confirms ‘whistles’ of interest

Mokwena has reportedly attracted interest in his services from two other clubs in the Absa Premiership ahead of the new season.

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However, the former Mamelodi Sundowns assistant coach has denied receiving any offers from anyone, while asserting he is not yet done with his mission at the Buccaneers, as he likened his journey to that of a kid wanting sweets before a meal.

“There’s a lot of lessons you learn while growing up, some of which you learn consciously while others subconsciously, and they only come back to you later in life,” responded Mokwena upon being quizzed over reported interest in his services.

“When you used to go shopping with your mother you used to cry for sweets – for example – but she would hit your hand and say, ‘No, it’s not the right time’, because you hadn’t eaten yet.

“I don’t want to intensify rumours because they will always be there, and when you respond to rumours it’s like pouring oil onto a fire.

“But I find a lot of peace in my life and coaching career because I enjoy what I do in the here and now, and I don’t focus too much on the future because then I’ll look for the sweet when I haven’t had my meal – that’s not going to help me then.”

Asked for clarity on whether there have been any official approaches, Mokwena explained that the only approaches have been “whistles”, before emphasising that the temptation does not appeal to him.

“No [formal approaches]. Sometimes in the location when you whistle at a girl while she’s walking past, you think you’ve approached her but she walks past because how many other people have whistled at her? 

“So, it’s very difficult. I don’t know what it is to ‘approach’. People whistle [at me], yes, but it’s whistling, so what do you say?

"I know people think I'm ready to be a head coach, and I respect people's opinions and feelings, but I've got my own pathway and career plan. 

"I also accept that I'm not going to be an assistant for the rest of my career ... I have specific timelines, which are in my Bible."