Paulse advises Rivaldo after failed move

Paulse says he also missed out on opportunities to play in Turkey and Norway during his playing days, but he did eventually get a chance to move to Sweden, where he played for Hammarby IF between 2008 and 2011.

Coetzee returned home after the Celtic medical team found that there was an underlying issue with his right foot.

“When I was 19, I had an offer from a club Turkey, but I never took that opportunity. A couple years later Oslo in Norway, but that never happened. So I had to learn to move on quite quickly and I keept working hard and believing in my ability. He needs to do the same,” Paulse tells

“It’s unfortunate for him not to get the move. I am sure he was very excited about it. It was a life-changing move for him, but he should put it behind and refocus his efforts. There will always be another opportunity if he keeps working hard. I think he will bounce back. This is a part of what happens in life and he has to accept it. You can’t dwell on what happened.”

Paulse says the fact that a big club such as Celtic was interested in signing Coetzee should tell the player that he is good enough to play in Europe.

“The fact that Celtic were interested in him is a sign of his abilities, so he must think of that instead of seeing why the move did not happen,” says Paulse.